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New Brunswick
Christian Ashram

The Twelve of the NB Christian Ashram have determined not to hold a summer Ashram in 2022. The decision was taken for a number of reasons, including the continued high coronavirus infection and hospitalization rates. We are, however, determined to resume in 2023 unless the pandemic changes drastically for the worst. More news on NBCA 2023 will follow in the coming months.

We are also reviewing the possibility of holding a one day "Mini-Ashram" at a central location in early to mid September. There would be no fees charged and a shared meal format would be employed. This would allow most members of our Ashram family to get together within a relatively short drive from their home. Your response will dictate whether this initiative proceeds. If you are interested in attending such an event, please send us an email to confirm your interest.

Finally, we have had several resignations from our Twelve due to illness or other personal commitments and obligations. We would like to add at least four members (or two couples) to our number to properly complete our complement in preparation for Ashram 2023. Again, if you are interested in serving the Lord in this way, please send us an email to tell us about your interest.

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What is a Christian Ashram? The Christian Ashram is one of several movements that has arisen out of a desire to put the power of the early church back into our modern day fellowship. Literally translated the word "Ashram" means "Retreat from hard work" - a time to engage in Christ-centered activities and meditation. All Christian Ashrams are interdenominational and interracial. Titles and other symbols of distinction are set aside that we may worship as true brothers and sisters in Christ under the ministry of an evangelist, Bible study leader, and music team.

What can you expect?
a time of sharing and growth within a Christian Community
inspiring messages
enriching Bible teaching
faith stories of changed lives
great singing and worship
small group sharing and prayer

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Registrar: Rachel Bernard

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